MP118FD, very Low Quiescent Current, 200V, 10A Power Amplifier With Over Current Shut Down

The open frame power operational amplifier MP118FD is a next generation product design based on a predecessor POA, the MP108FD. The MP118FD mirrors the high current and high voltage performance features of the MP108FD, which have driven the product’s broad customer acceptance. But the development of the MP118FD capitalizes on customer feedback to provide a more comprehensive set of circuit protection capabilities, along with better thermal efficiency. Now with the introduction of the MP118, customers will find even more to like for driving piezo transducer applications.


The MP118 integrates several new layers of onboard circuit protection safe guards. In addition to temperature shut down and external shut down, the device provides a new twist that replaces the over current limit functionality with the ability to completely shut down its output drivers when put into an over current situation.  This will protect the power amplifier from over stress due to excessive current and unsafe power dissipation. Onboard temperature monitoring circuitry, also new, enables the MP118FD to shut down the system before any permanent damage can occur.


In terms of electrical performance, the MP118FD does not disappoint. The product is compatible with supplies up to 200V and is capable of 10A of continuous output current, or 12A PEAK.  With all of this power, the MP118FD is equally impressive in terms of thermal efficiency. Compared with the MP108FD, this next generation product exhibits 50% less quiescent current at a very low 26mA, and its open frame design is capable of 100W of internal power dissipation.


“Apex high voltage power amplifiers have proven very capable at driving piezo transducers in industrial applications such as inkjet print heads,” explains Jens Eltze, Strategic Marketing Manager. “The new MP118FD evolved based on input from these customers who expressed the urgency for greater circuitry protection. The design flexibility of open frame construction made it possible to deliver a next generation product that not only achieves a new level of circuit safety,  but also delivers improved thermal efficiency. ”


Along with its popularity as a driver for the fine movement positioning of piezo-electric applications, the MP118FD also is a good choice for other applications requiring the accurate delivery of high voltage, including  industrial instrumentation, manufacturing automation, reflectometers, and ultra-sound transducer drives.


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