The PB63 is a high density, dual-channel power booster amplifier designed to deliver slew rates of up to 1,000 V/µs and power bandwidth of 1 MHz for use in high voltage instrumentation, such as pattern generators in flat panel display inspection systems, Semiconductor PPS V/I sources, and print head driver electronics in industrial ink jet printers. Featuring Apex Precision Power® technology, the PB63 maximizes design flexibility when used in tandem with a general purpose small signal op amp.

The user-defined driver and booster combination tailors voltage and current gain and optimizes accuracy, offset, input noise and settling time. The power booster’s dual-channel design further extends circuit layout flexibility by allowing each booster channel to be paired with separate small-signal amplifiers operating with different parameters. The PB63 can be used without a small-signal driver in some applications, requiring only an external current limit resistor to function properly.

The PB63A is the A grade version providing enhance performance in the areas of offset voltage and input bias current. The output current per channel also improves to 2 A typical versus a “peak” 2 A performance with the base model PB63.



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