VRE204 Series Precision Voltage References provide ultrastable +4.5 V outputs with up to ±0.8 mV initial accuracy and temperature coefficient as low as 1.48 ppm/°C over the full military temperature range.

These references are specifically designed to be used with successive-approximation type Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs). Specify an ADC with exceptional temperature drift, which can only be as good as the external reference used. The VRE204 combined with the right ADC will provide the lowest drift data conversion obtainable.

The VRE204 series is available in the military operating temperature range -55°C to +125°C, and two performance grades. All devices are packaged in 20-terminal LCC ceramic packages for maximum long-term stability. These “M” versions are screened for high reliability and quality.

Superior stability, accuracy, and quality make the VRE204 ideal for all precision applications which may require a 4.5 V reference. High-accuracy test and measurement instrumentation, and transducer excitation are some other applications which can benefit from the high accuracy of the VRE204.



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